Volkswagen Car & SUV Lease Deals in Schaumburg, IL

Why lease a new VW from Fox Valley Volkswagen in Schaumburg, IL? With lower payments, greater flexibility, low or no down payment, and customizable options, a better question would be, “Why wouldn’t you lease a new car or SUV from our VW dealership?”

Have you leased a car or SUV before? Whether you have experience or are about to enter your first auto lease deal, the information below is of value to you. Read through our auto lease overview and reach out to our team with any questions you might have.

VW Car & SUV Lease deals, specials, offers & info

The Meaning of Leasing: How it Works

The process to leasing a new car or SUV from Fox Valley Volkswagen in Schaumburg, IL is similar to auto financing with a few key differences.

  1. Determine your needs. How long do you want to lease for? Do you just want to do a 24-month lease, or does a 36-month lease make more sense? How many miles will you require? Can you get by with 10,000 or 12,000 miles? Do you need more? These questions need to be considered before shopping for a lease deal
  2. Figure out your payment. How much can you afford in your monthly budget? Will you be happy with a base model, or do you want to pay a little more for a higher trim level?
  3. Search through incentives. Incentives and offers from Volkswagen can be a great way to get into a new auto lease deal for less. Browse through the available offers at our VW dealership in Schaumburg and save.
  4. Find the car or SUV you want to drive. Search through our current new inventory and find the VW sedan, hatchback, or SUV in the color you want to be seen in.
  5. Test drive your next new vehicle. Fall in love with your next new Volkswagen on test drive with one our dedicated brand specialists.
  6. Review and sign your auto lease deal. Check the paperwork to make sure your lease deal matches the special offer or agreed upon terms, and then sign the deal once everything is in order
  7. Enjoy your new Volkswagen.

The Meaning of Leasing: Benefits

Leasing provides customers who visit our Volkswagen dealership in Schaumburg, IL with several advantages that aren’t available with auto finance deals. Key benefits of auto lease deals include:

  • Lower monthly payments available with little or no down payment
  • Drive a higher trim levels for less than auto finance deals
  • Vehicle should be under manufacturer warranty for the full term of lease deals
  • Easily transition to a new car or SUV every few years
  • Pay lower sales tax

Lease a VW Car or SUV Today!

Our Volkswagen dealership in Schaumburg, IL has over 100 new models for our customers to check out and most have special lease incentives available. Browse through our new inventory to find your ideal Volkswagen car or SUV, then take a look at current lease incentives to drive a new vehicle for less.

Once you’ve found a vehicle or lease deal that makes sense for your budget and lifestyle, contact our team through our online form or by phone at (888) 398-7838 to schedule an appointment for a test drive.